High Noon

They were on the right side, but that
didn't help them when the shooting started..

My brother was 19. I watched him die.
That's when I became a Quaker.
I don't care who's right or who's wrong.

There's got to be some better way
for people to live.

Will knows how I feel about it.
Just a minute.
Are you going to wait for the train downstairs?

- Yes.
- Why don't you wait here?

I've got no use for Kane,
but he's got guts.

You're mighty broadminded, Joe.
I always figured you had guts, but
I never gave you credit for brains until now.

What does that mean?
It takes a smart man
to know when to back away.

If I can't pick my company when I drink,
I ain't coming in here anymore.

Okay... All right
The boy with a tin star.