Sceicco bianco, Lo

What are you --
I'm not unattached.
What, you have a boyfriend?
So what?
I'm married.
You're disappointed.
Don't be jealous.
I don't love that woman.

Don't judge me harshly.
You don't know the whole truth.

She ruined my life.
- Really?

- Tell me, Fernando.
- No, don't ask.

The fact is...
It's a long story.
I loved another, named Milena.
She was so beautiful.
Beautiful like you.
You're much more beautiful.
I was going to marry her,
but on our wedding day,

using vile treachery
and a magic concoction --

- A what?
- A magic concoction.

The woman who is now my wife
put me in a deep sleep.

A sleep close to death.
She made me lose my memory.
I swear, I lost my wits entirely.

When I came to, I discovered
Milena had disappeared.

- She may even be dead!
- Dead!

Who knows?
Poor Milena.
A magic concoction...

Let's think no more of these things.
Am I worthy of your love?
Oh, yes!
Now that I've met you,
what does anything else matter?