Sceicco bianco, Lo

''Dear Passionate Dolly:
If, as you say, you will visit Rome soon,
come and see me.

We'll spend a few
unforgettable hours together.

Your White Sheik.''
So, are you ''Passionate Dolly''?
- Me?

Just answer one question.
- Of course.

Did you find this letter
on the lady in question?

No, in a puddle of water
on the floor.

Apparently the bathtub overflowed,
and I saw the letter
floating in the water.

One can only suppose that the lady
was about to take a bath.

A logical supposition.
That explains everything!
- You really think so?

Of course, Mr... uh...
Ivan Cavalli.
- And your father's name?
- Why do you need that?

- Your father's name!
- Don't yell.

I'm not yelling.
Your father's name?
- Luigi.

The lady's name?
That's really not necessary!
Of course it's not.
It's just a formality.

If it makes you feel better,
I've been expecting you.

Just yesterday I was saying:
''Why doesn't Mr. Cavalli come in?''

And now, the lady's name?
- Giardino, Wanda.

Is her married name Cavalli?
This will ruin me!
No one must know.
My father is a councilman.