Viva Zapata!

Good morning, my children.

Well, come closer. Come closer.
Here are their names, my president.
Now then, my children,
what's the problem you've brought me?

Well, someone has to tell.
You must have come for something.

Yes, my president,
we have come for something.

Well, you. You tell me.
You know that field?
That field with the big white rock
just south of Anenecuilco?

- My president, our delegation...

- They've taken our land away.
- Who took your land away?

Children, when you make accusations,
be certain you have the facts.

- Who took your land away?
- The biggest state there.

- It's bigger than a kingdom.
- They've taken our valleys.

- Left us only the rocky hillside.
YOUNG MAN: We can't grow our corn.

OLD MAN: That's right.
There's a new fence with barbed wire.

We can't feed our cows.
Those three houses by that white rock?

- They burned those!
- They're planting sugarcane in our land.

Can you prove that you own this field?
Our village has owned this land
since before history.

We have a paper from the Spanish crown
and from the Mexican Republic.

Well, if this is true, you have no
problem. The courts will settle this.