Viva Zapata!

I come with news of Madero,
leader of the fight against Diaz.

Give me some water.
- Why do you come to me?
- Give me some water while I talk.

Fernando Aguirre.
Pablo Gomez.
- I want to talk to you.
- Talk.

- I want you to listen.
- Well, talk.

"The despotism of Porfirio Diaz
is unbearable.

For 34 years, he's ruled with
the hand of a ruthless tyrant."

- Yeah, Blanco. Pretty soon now.

"The meaning of democracy
has long been forgotten.

Elections are a farce. The people
have no voice in the government.

Control is in the hands of one man
and those he's appointed."

ZAPATA: Who wrote that?
- Francisco Madero.

"If we are to bring back to Mexico the
freedom that goes with democracy...

...we must unite to drive
this tyrant from office."

- Who's Madero?
- Leader of the fight against Diaz.

ZAPATA: Where is he?
- In a part of the United States, Texas.

- A fine place to fight against Diaz.
- He's making preparations.

Now he's ready to move.
He's sending out people to spread the
word, search out leaders in Mexico.