Viva Zapata!

Well, there he goes.

Old Diaz was rottener than we knew.
Huerta pushed from the North with
Pancho Villa, you, the South...

...why, Diaz crumbled.
- Pardon me, sir.

When will the village lands
be given back? People ask.

Don't worry.
We build slowly and carefully.

Give me this. I'll sign this now.
The country people want to know.
They will get their land, but under the
law. It's delicate. It must be studied.

What's to study?
Land must be given back under
the law so there's no injustice.

And speaking of lands...
Close the door, please.

Let me show you this.
Thank you.
You see here,
where these two streams meet?

The land is very rich here.
Rich and level and well-watered.

And I'm told it has
a good house on it.

You know what this is, general?
- No.
- This is your ranch.

My ranch?
It's an old custom
to reward victorious generals...

...and no one deserves it
more than you.

I did not fight for a ranch.
I don't think you know what I meant.
I know what you meant.
The land that I fought for
was not for myself.

- But...
- What about the land I did fight for?

General, that'll be taken care of.
Believe me. In good time.

Now is a good time.
- General, sit down.
- I am not tired.

This is a constitutional government.
There's a way to do things.

This noise, confusion, I can't think.
Get out! Out! Get out!