Viva Zapata!

Give me these. I'll sign now.
MAN: They're still waiting, sir.
- Let them wait. I'll come.

I'll be back. Don't let anybody in!
Get the workmen out.

They make too much noise.
This mouse in a black suit
talks like Diaz.

No, he's right. This is peace.
It takes time. We work by law.

Laws. Laws don't govern, men do.
The same men who governed before are
here in that room. They have his ear.

- They've got to be cleaned out.
- And land given back.

- And if Madero doesn't do it...
- Yes?

Then he's an enemy too.
You're his emissary, officer, friend.
I'm a friend to no one
and to nothing except logic.

Peace is very difficult.
Mano, what do you think?
- It's a nice piece of land.
- Shh.

What's the harm?
You've never taken anything.

The result? We have nothing.
Now it's finally quiet.
General Zapata, don't you trust me?
You must trust me.
I promise,
my first preoccupation is the land...

...but in a way that's permanent.
Before you do anything by law...

:58:31 must have law. We cannot have
an armed and angry nation.

It is time to stack our arms.
That is the first step.

That is my first request.
Stack your arms and disband your army.

- And who will enforce the laws?
- The regular army, the police.

They're the ones we just fought
and beat!

Give me your watch.
- What?
- Give me your watch.