What Price Glory

This is France, 1918...
World War I.
The first American troops to land in France
and to fight in France were the marines.

They were veterans who had seen
service all over the world...

China, Cuba, Santa Domingo, Mexico
and the Philippine Islands.

This is a company
of those marines...

Company "L", 3rd Battalion,
5th Regiment...

returning from the front.
What outfit is this, buddy?
What outfit is it?
This is the 101 Ranch,
and I'm Pawnee Bill.

- All right, wise guy! What outfit?
- Company "L," 5th Marines!

- Thanks.
- Hey, that's us.

I know it.
- Who's your commanding officer?
- Flagg!

- Who?
- Captain Flagg.

Captain Flagg.
- Wait a minute!
- Isn't that the outfit we're assigned...

Yeah. Captain Flagg.
We're not due in till tomorrow, and I am not
joining Flagg's outfit until I have to.

We got lost, see?
Come on.