What Price Glory

Voulez-vous promenade avec moi
down by the canal tonight?

- No.
- Why not?

Sergeant, I have something
terrible to tell you.

What is it?
Sergeant, you must find another place
to stay. Papa says so.

Now wait a minute.
I don't wanna leave. I like it here.

But you came here to spend one night
and you've been here the whole week.

- Have you ever had a nicer guest?
- That's not the point.

This is the captain's room,
and he's coming back tomorrow.

- Let the captain find himself another room.
- But you do not understand.

The captain pays for the room,
even if he's not here.

Do you mean that the captain's been paying
for this room and I've been paying for it too?

Oui. But he pays more
than you, so you must go.

Papa says.
- Do you want me to go?
- No.

Charmaine, come here.
You're making a terrible mistake.
Honey, this isn't just another one
of those things with me.

This is different.
Why, I'd do anything for you.

Just ask me. Anything.
- Give up the room.
- Oh, Charmaine.

- Who would I get to do my laundry?
- You'll find someone.

No, honey. There never was another girl
in the world who could iron shirts like you.

Maybe... Maybe you could
meet me down by the canal?

What would we do
down by the canal?

The laundry.
Well, au revoir,
Mademoiselle Charmaine.

It certainly has been nice knowing ya.
Hope I meet up with you again sometime.

Pardon me, Pete.
And the same to you.

Nicole! Nicole!
Here. Ici.

Oh, don't be afraid.
N'a pas peur.