All I Desire

- Ted, that wasn't very polite, was it, sonny?
- No, sir.

Go have your dinner.
Excuse me, but with the show and the party,
I think my head is screwed on backwards.
I was ready to pour the good soup
right down the sink.

- Hello, Lena.
- Naomi.

Mother, you came!
You got the letter, Mother. You came.

- I'm Lily, Mother.
- Of course you're Lily, and so pretty.

Am I what you expected?
What a dramatic entrance you made.

How stunning you look,
doesn't she, Daddy?

- Naomi.
- Hello, Henry.

This is quite a surprise.
Do you think I could stay away
after I got that wonderful letter?

- What letter?
- Daddy, I didn't want to bother you.

I see.
Well, at any rate, it was nice of you to come.
- I hope you enjoy Lily's play.
- Thank you, Henry.

Ted, you were too young
to remember your mother.

- Naomi, this is Ted.
- Hello, Ted, it's wonderful to see you.

- How do you do?
- And, Joyce.

Oh, my goodness.
What a difference, darling.

I should think so.
- There's somebody I don't know at all.
- That's Nellie.

Dutch says she can be the best hunting dog
in this neck of the woods.

Dutch Heinemann.
He owns the hunting and fishing store.
He's the greatest.

It's so good to see you all.
Lily, you're going to be a great actress.

Wait till you see my gown.
I practically designed it myself.

Wait till you see the one
I've got at the hotel for tonight.

I've got to see it right away.
Is it from New York?

I can't wait till after.
Ted, go get Mother's suitcase.
You can change here.

Could I, Henry?
- If you two would like.
- Wonderful.