All I Desire

I'm not the girl from across the tracks
who used to embarrass you. Not anymore.

I won't laugh too loud, make jokes or speak
to the riffraff I knew before I married you.

That's very good of you.
Oh, Henry.
I don't mean to quarrel.
I hoped after all this time
we could be friends.

You did?
Well, couldn't we,
just for tonight, for Lily's sake?

Couldn't we make it nice?
Lt didn't used to be all fights.

We did have fun at the start.
We paid a pretty heavy price for that fun.
Good evening.
Good evening, Miss Murdoch.
Should be an interesting evening.

- We're in time. She's not here yet.
- That way, Mr Atkins.

- Good evening, Mrs Phillips.
- Good evening.

- Have you seen her, Sara?
- Your seat is over here.

Look, Russ,
the whole town seems to be here.

Now, relax, will you?
What difference does it make?

- Sara, have you heard?
- I think everybody has.

I've never seen such a crowd.
Dad didn't have anything to do with it.
It was Lily. She wrote a letter...

- Hello, Miss Harper.
- Hello, Russ.

Come on, honey.
See, Dad. We made it.
Good evening, Mrs Underwood,
Colonel Underwood.

- Is your father coming, Joyce?
- Yes.

Yes, of course.
Here she comes.