All I Desire

- Come in, angel.

- I thought maybe I'd be too early.
- No.

I can sleep through anything
but not a nest full of birds.

Why all this fancy service?
I brought everything
Lena said you used to like.

Fried ham and four-minute eggs.
I have to watch my figure!
I never take anything but black coffee.

This morning I'm going to sin. And flowers.
You're giving me the real star treatment.
Wait until I've been with you
and know all the other little things.

Been with me... What are you talking about?
Why, don't you know? I'm going with you.
I want to get out of here
just as much as you did.

With the great Naomi Murdoch
introducing me, my career is set.

Lily, you just can't plan this fast.
- Let me give it to you straight...
- I wasn't any good in the play.

Be frank with me, be cruel.
You don't think I can act.

Baby, you were fine. You can act,
probably better than I ever could.

- Mother, then we can do it, can't we?
- Lily.

When you wrote that letter,
did you count on me taking you with me?

I always wanted to be with you,
darling, always.

- Yes?

You have to go to Miss McIntyre.
For Caesar's sake!
My graduation dress, I forgot.

- Hi, Ted.
- Hi.

Grab these, will you?
- Is Joyce up?
- Sure.

- Hey, Joyce!
- Russ!

I'm gonna be an actress in New York.
Mother's taking me with her.

Well, I sure feel sorry for Sarah Bernhardt.

Hello, handsome! What are you doing here?
Aren't you ready?
I came to take the Murdoch girls riding.

You really meant it. Which one is mine?