All I Desire

Almost gave the old signal. Remember?
- Two shots, and then one.
- Two shots, and then one.

- I used to hear them in my sleep.
- You've never forgotten it, not for a minute.

Honey, where have you been?
Don't you know what you did to me?
Why did you leave me?

If I had stayed, the way it was going,
how much longer
could we just have moments,

just see each other out here?
I was afraid I'd want more.
And in this town,
I wasn't gonna do that to my family.

Who's more important, them or me?
- I should've figured that out.
- Who cares?

You're back and we're together,
the two of us.

- I'm leaving tomorrow night.
- I’ll be here tomorrow afternoon, then.

We can't go...
We can't go back.
Who says we can't?
You wanna go right back to the old days
and so do I, Naomi.

- So do I.
- Goodbye, Dutch.

I’ll be here.
Two shots and then one. And I’ll be here.

- Sara.
- Hello, Mrs Murdoch. Naomi.

- How nice of you to come and see me.
- Well, I'm afraid, I came to ask a favour.

- Oh?
- About the graduation tomorrow night.

We always have a little entertainment
and I thought that perhaps you might...

That I might appear.
It would be such a favour to me
and you do recite so beautifully.

That's very flattering,
but why do you need me?

You must have plenty of
corn-fed talent to fill the bill,

someone the good people
of this town wouldn't mind applauding.

But that's just why, I mean...