All I Desire

There are lots of things
you don't know about.

- You mean well, but forget it.
- Are you afraid, Naomi?

- Oh, Sara!
- Hello, Joyce.

Your mother and I have been having
the nicest talk.

You look like you've been having
a good time.

I have!
I took the liberty of glancing
through your Shakespeare.

I marked some of the passages
that I thought might do.

- If you change your mind...
- I’ll let you know.

- Goodbye, Naomi. Bye, Joyce.
- Goodbye.

You were gone for such a long time, I was
afraid something might have happened.

No, we were having a wonderful time.
- Your hair looks nice that way, Joyce.
- Thank you.

Russ thinks so, too. But I’ll have to fix it
before he picks me up...

- Could I help? I'm good at that sort of thing.
- I can manage.

I thought perhaps we might have a little talk.
I frankly don't want to have
a sweet mother-daughter chat with you

while you comb me out.
I guess that's telling me.
I'm sorry. I don't mean to be harsh, but...
- Look, I'm not thinking of myself.
- I'm not even thinking of Lily

when she tells me a lot of silly plans
about going on the stage with you.

But I am thinking of Daddy. He's unhappy.
I know he is, ever since you came back.
He spent nearly the whole night
pacing the floor.

Are you trying to tell me
it would be better if I left here right away?

Yes, I really think it would.
Naomi, about the menu for tonight,
I think you would like my wiener schnitzel
with fresh carrots...

Lt was perfectly delicious.
Lt's much better
if you soak it in vinegar overnight.