Gentlemen Prefer Blondes

l always figured Lorelei would end up
with the Secretary of the Treasury.

-We're sailing on the Isle de Paris.
-''Ile'' de Paris.

-We're getting married in Europe.
-Why not get married here, then go?

-Or is that old-fashioned?
-We've made our plans.

Come in.
A long distance call for you
from Dayton, Ohio.

Thank you, l'll be right there.
Must be Father.

l hope nothing's happened.
l'll meet you at my table, dear.

Father! Never misses, Gus' old man.
Right on cue. Too bad, honey.

Nothing's going wrong this time.
The old boy won't let you
commit matrimony with his son.

He'd rather shove him
down an elevator shaft.

Dorothy, l'm sailing on Saturday,
with or without Mr. Esmond.

And l'm not coming back
until he comes and gets me.

When we're in France, where
his father can't call twice a day....

Gus will never let you go alone.
Sometimes Mr. Esmond finds it
very difficult to say no to me.

Well, that's very possible.
We can't check the roll
if you don't stick together.

Peters? Randall?
Sanford? Sims?

-Look at that.

Stevens? Willard J. Stevens?
-Why don't you answer--?
-l'm busy.

-Boy, oh, boy!
-Check your passport over there.

-ls this the way to Europe, France?
-To where?

-No, honey. France is in Europe.
-Who said it wasn't?

Would you say,
""North America, Mexico""?