Gentlemen Prefer Blondes

You'd never know it.
They look just like new.

You might be interested in my tiara.
l always have it with me.

Afraid to leave it in my room.
-But not afraid to show it to Lorelei?
-Stop. She won't know you're teasing.

Look! Did you ever?
Anywhere, anything like it?

All blue stones.
Cozy little job, what?

-May l just hold it for a minute?
-Of course.

-How do you put it on?
-lt goes on your head.

-You must think l was born yesterday.
-There's no other explanation.

No, no, my dear. She's quite right.
Like so. lt's a tiara.

You do wear it on your head! l love
finding new places to wear diamonds.

Excuse me, dear.
Miss Lee has promised me this dance.

We've got to dress for dinner.
We must go.

Well, all right. Au revoir.
A very pleasant au revoir to you.
My tiara. Thank you.
Poor fella. Two-to-one
she locks him in her closet.

-l'd be grateful if she did.
-l think he's cute.

You know very well what l mean.
You and that-- What are you doing?

Just testing. Wonder what l'll
wear it with. How does it look?

Exactly like trouble.
l told the coalition leader that we
need a man who can do something about--

Finish your story, dear.