Gentlemen Prefer Blondes

Your table, madame.
Good evening, Miss Lee and Miss Shaw.
This is Mr. Crossley. Mr. Franklin.

-Mr. Mason. How do you do?
-Mr. Brooks.

How do you do?
-ls Mr. Spofford here?
-No, but this is his chair.

-You're here, Miss Lee.
MASON: Miss Shaw, you're here.

-Could my friend have your seat?
-But of course.

She gets sick if she rides backwards.
-l'm sorry.
-Not at all.

-How are we at the same table?
-l was assigned this seat.

-How much did it cost?
-l can't tell. You'd get conceited.

Enjoying the trip, Mr. Franklin?
How many times have you crossed?
lsn't it lonely on the ocean?

l just adore conversation, don't you?
-Mademoiselle, Mr. Spofford is here.

Dorothy. Pardon me for whispering.
Try to make a good impression.

Right this way, sir.
Mr. Henry Spofford.

MEN: Hello.

Hello. Hello.
Well, are you traveling by yourself?
No, l've got a valet,
a tutor and a trainer.

Well, having heard so much about you,
l expected you to be much older.

l'm old enough to appreciate
a good-looking girl.

This promises to be quite a trip.
Personally, l don't intend
to miss a meal.

How am l doing?
-There's a place.
-Ernie, will you get some cigarettes?