Gentlemen Prefer Blondes

No taste?
No, l'm a hobo collector.
l might find room for you.

-She's joking.
-l hope not, l'm counting on it.

-Some people don't get her jokes.
-l'm gonna try.

Dorothy's the best and loyalest friend
a girl ever had.

She'll make a wonderful wife.
You'll find out.

-l've got to be going.
-Going? Where?

Don't worry.
l'm only concerned about you two.

There's a wonderful moon out.
There you are.
Miss Lee, will you dance with me?

l'd love to. lf you hadn't asked me,
l was going to ask you.

Really? Well, by Jove!
l say, will you excuse us?

-Do you remember last night?
-Very well.

l mean when we were talking
about the moon.

lt reminded you of a moon
in Coney lsland.

Could have been the same one. Why?
l remember l was wondering...
...what a rich man like you
were doing in Coney lsland.

Oh, well....
l rather thought you'd be
in Bermuda or Palm Beach.

Wonder if l should break that up.
They're just dancing in public.
Can't make much of a case of that.

You sound like a detective.
Let's go find our moon
and forget about your girlfriend.

l'd get in trouble
if l pushed Piggie overboard.

Not with me.
Why blame Piggie?
lt's not all his fault.

No, l....
Just what did you mean
by that remark?

l can't figure out how two girls can
be so different and be friends.