Gentlemen Prefer Blondes

Aren't you clever!
That means, ""Come to my Basha.
l'll give you coconut shells.""

The natives believe
coconut shells ward off the snakes.

Africa must be fascinating.
A girl like l almost never gets
to meet a really interesting man.

-Sometimes my brain gets starved.
-Poor little thing.

lt's a terrible thing to be lonesome,
especially in the middle of a crowd.

Do you know what l mean?
You'll never be lonesome again.
Leave it to Piggie.

-l've got to see Lorelei alone.
-Shall l wait in the next room?

lf you like. We're expecting
Lady Beekman for tea.

Here? l just remembered,
l have another appointment.

l better pop off. Toodle-loo,
chin-chin and all that rot.

-That was mean!
-Shut up and listen to me.

-You're in a jam.
-Me? Why?

What were you doing before
Piggie started barking?

-He wasn't barking, that's Swahili.
-Before that.

Were you doing anything you
wouldn't want Mr. Esmond to see?

-Why, no-- My goodness, yes!

He was telling me about South Africa.
lt's dangerous.

Full of snakes called pythons.
lt seems a python can grab a goat...

...and kill it
by squeezing it to death.

-Get to the point.
-That's all.

What's incriminating about that?
Well, Piggie was being the python,
and l was a goat.