Gentlemen Prefer Blondes

l wanted to see the view from here.
Are you feeling well, my dear?
Yes, thank you ever so.
But l must have caught a chill.

-What say we get a spot of sherry?
-l can't.

-Sherry's the best thing for a cold.
-l couldn't.

You do look flushed.
Let me feel your pulse.

No, no, please--
No cause for alarm, my dear.
lt's purely medical.

-There's no fever, at any rate.
-l'm all right, l'm fine.

-Such a little hand.
-Put that back.

So sweet, so tiny,
and yet it can hold a human heart.

SPOFFORD: Stop that!
-Beg your pardon?

Well l-- Why....
-Laryngitis, l guess.
-No doubt.

-l need sherry. Will you get it?
-l fly on the wings of Mercury.

SPOFFORD: Just hurry up.
-All right, my dear.

How can you stand that old wolf?
His intentions aren't honorable.

For heaven's sakes,
get me out of here!

Help me over here.
You're all bruised? Malone's been
here with me the whole time.

-Mr. Spofford pulled me too hard.
-Never mind. Did you get the pictures?

-They weren't there.

l looked everywhere.
l even looked in the camera shop.

-Then he's got them in his pockets.
-He must, darn it!

He wouldn't hide them if
he thinks we're buying his act.

Order dinner for three in our cabin
and get some drinks.

We'll be there in 10 minutes.
lf we can't empty his pockets,
we're not worthy to be women.

l'll have everything ready.