Gun Fury

I guess you don't know much
about Pete Barratto.

No, I don't.
He'll buy or sell anything, and does.
Trades with the bandits in Mexico
and the outlaws in the States.

He has lots of gunmen there
ready to back him up.

- They won't be expecting us.
- Why risk it?

Slayton's going into Mexico
and he's got to go through there.

We'll be in those rocks above them.
There's nothing to do but keep
the cinch tight a little longer.

Grab some sleep. I'll take the first watch.
Why don't you try to get some sleep?
I cannot.
- You think you kill Slayton?
- Yes.

- Johash think he do it.
- Yes.

Jess think he will do it.
When the time come, I will be the one.
Will killing him make any difference?
- Will you feel any better when he's dead?
- Yes.

Is good? You like?
This water is still cold.
Could you get me some more?