Gycklarnas afton

You appear anxious.
Me? Not at all!
Let me speak to him.
You put on your most charming smile.
Pretty girls, that's what interests him.
Breathe deeply, so he can see your breasts.
If he wants to see your legs,
do not refuse.

I'll be watching over you.
If need be, I'll smash his face.
An innocent heart
makes up the richness of a woman

and will make him overcome all temptation.
Your words, father,
carry their fruits in my heart.
Madam your mother…
for Monsieur your father…

Monsieur my husband!
- Who are you looking for?
- The director.

He is rehearsing.
We will wait.
But he is very busy.
Who dares speak during the rehearsal?
There are a gentleman and a lady…
Who can go to the devil!
I've changed my mind. They can come here!
Stay here! He wants to speak with you.
We can come back another day.
Good day, Mr. Sjuberg.
What beautiful weather!
I am Albert Johansson,
owner of the Alberti circus.