I'll be hanged if I go out of my way
for any cur dog.

A man ought to do what he thinks is best.
Quit blocking the door.
Where did you get this?
- Half a day's ride south of Twin Buttes.
- How?

Took it off a couple of Indians, Apaches.
Running Dog Lodge of the Mescaleros.
Mescaleros are up, too.
That makes all the Apache lodges.

Say, while I was south, did any settlers
get in from the north basin?

A few, the last couple of weeks.
Handsome woman, fair,
with a boy about six?

No, mostly middle-aged or elderly people.
Get some sleep, Lane, use my tent.
Thank you.
While you're sleeping,
I'll move your possibles over to my tent.

Pete Britton was scouting with C troop.
Wintered with old Pete once
up on the Divide. Ornery cuss.

Them indians you took that pennant offen.
- Dead Indians?
- Finally.

- Hi, Pete.
- Hi, Hondo.

Broke my heart when I heard you made it.
Your pap know you started out
against this so-called whiskey?

I ain't seen him for a month.
I know you haven't. Come here,
I got a message for you.

Leave him be, Hondo,
I can't make no money scouting.

Aw, these other fellows'll excuse you.
Come on over at the bar.

I won't. I'm out almost $100.
- That figures, with Buffalo in the game.
- Wait a minute.