See, Sergeant, just like I told you.
That's my horse, all right.
Got my brand on it: "E.L." Ed Lowe.

What he says true?
- Yeah, that's his horse.
- Where'd you get him?

From his ranch,
that's where I'm taking him back.

That's where he can pick him up.
But that's Indian territory, strict orders
against any Whites going in there.

You know something, Joe, I got a bad ear.
I can't hear a thing you're saying.

Aren't you gonna prefer charges
against him?

He may be a mean, ornery,

but he ain't no horse thief.
And I'm not gonna call him one,
to his face or his back.

You stay here.
I thought the Apache were always silent.
Not when they seek squaw. You pick one.
It's not good for Small Warrior...
to be without father
to teach him how to be man.

This is the one I was calling Emiliano.
Very brave, has taken many scalps.
He has six horses, and two squaws,
but one old and will soon die.

He's good hunter.
Never hungry, his wickiup.
This is one who is called Kloori.