Angie, there's...
something I've got to tell you.
I tried to tell you.

- And it isn't going to be easy.
- Then don't say it yet.

Just look at the moon.
How odd it looks in this quarter.
When I was a child, my mother
used to tell me it was a teeter-totter.

You know, the tilted plank a child plays on.
I suppose the Indians have a word for it.
Yeah, bermarga. It's the planting moon.
Indians won't plant their corn
unless the moon's like that.

You liked living with the Apache, didn't you?
Angie, I've just got to tell you this.
I'm not much for lying.
The last time I was here,
before Vittorio brought me?

I rode dispatch some after that,
then came to Seddon.

There was trouble.
I killed a man.
Stay still. Somebody in those willows.
Don't shoot, White man.
Small Warrior has knife. He sleeps with it.
- You were in the house?
- In house.

Wickiup empty place without sons.
Mine empty wickiup.