I don't hear a thing.
There's eight of them I'd say,
or maybe nine.

- There's something in those trees.
- That's a squirrel. Our talking woke him up.

He's put out. There's nine of them.
I love you.
I suppose I shouldn't have said that...
with my husband dead so short a time.
I don't guess people's hearts
got anything to do with a calendar.

You were so wonderful,
refusing to lie for Vittorio.

He was testing me. Indians hate lies.
And I guess I got to feel the same way...
but, once in a while a fella's got to...
lie if it'll make it easier on someone else.
Troop, halt!
Prepare to dismount.
Madam and sir, may I present myself?
Lt. McKay, Troop D, 8th cavalry.

- Hi, Hondo, you old cabin robber.
- Hi, Buff.

Lieutenant, this here is Hondo Lane.
He's scouted some
and ridden dispatch some for the cavalry.

- I don't reckon I know this here lady.
- This is Ms. Lowe, Lieutenant.

You people are lucky. Obviously, Vittorio...
and his renegade band
just happened not to find this hidden valley.

- Vittorio's been here lots.
- And you lived?

One lone man stood off Vittorio?
No lone man stands off the Apache.
He lets us live here.