It Came from Outer Space

Johnny ! Johnny !
Wait a minute !
You stay here !

John !
I'm all right, Pete !
Down here !

Areya all right ?
Yeah, I'm all right.

Come on, let's get outta here.
Maybe you'll listen
to me next time.

John ! John,
are you all right ?.

Johnny ?. Johnny ?.
Yeah, yeah,
I wasn't hurt, Ellen.

Well, then, what's the matter ?.
There was
something down there.

Boy, you're not kiddin'.
A couple of tons of earth
that almost hit ya.

No, no, that's
not what I mean.
Well, what do you mean ?.

What was it
you saw down there ?.

I'm not sure.
Some kind of a ship,
I think.

A what ?.
A ship !

What kind of a ship ?.
I don't know.

It's like nothing
we've ever seen before.

Something must have hit this guy
in the head. Come on !
It was there !

Part of it was showing.
You've been up in
the stars too long !

Let's get outta here.
It was like a huge ball
rammed there in the crater.

This is no place to
hold a conversation. Let's go
before it starts falling again.