It Came from Outer Space

All right, all right.
I'm not crazy
and I'm not imagining.

I tell you
I saw this thing.
Oh, brother.

I saw an open port way.
So what was inside ?.

Well, something.
Then the door slammed shut
and started the landslide.

That figures.
Come on.
Pete, will ya listen to me ?.

I did. I let maniacs
drag me off in the middle
of the night.

Now, on top of that, I get
rocket ships thrown at me.
[ CarHorn Honking]

[Pete ]
Uh-oh, here they come
to find out what happened.

Oh, please, don't tell them
what you told us.

Ellen, I-- I tell ya,
I was close enough to it.
I could've touched it.

But, Johnny, please.
You're not gonna tell
those people ya saw Martians
runnin' around down there ?.

What would ya say if I had
found a Martian down there ?.

I'd say, hold 'im
for a circus.

And I'd say, wait
and find out what
they're doing here first.

Ellen, you don't
believe me either.

Oh, I--
I don't know.

That's Ellen and Putnam.
There's Pete's copter.
Hi !

[Men ]
Hey, what's goin'on ?
How longyou been up here ?

What happened ?.
I'll tell ya what happened.

Johnny !
It's a meteor. Johnny says the
biggest one that ever hit us.

It must have been.
I felt it clear down
to my shoes.

It lit up the sky like
the end of all creation.

It was no meteor.
No meteor ?.

What's the
amateur astronomer's
point ofview ?.