It Came from Outer Space

There's some kind
of a ship down there.
A ship ?.

Don't ask me what kind,
'cause I don't know.

Oh, you mean from one of those
stars you write about ?. Or the
kind that Pete here operates ?.

I tell you the evidence
is buried right down there.

This may be the biggest
thing that's ever happened.

Ifyou're smart, you'll get
this whole area sealed off until
we know what we're up against.

You see it, Ellen ?.
No, but ifJohn says
he saw it--

He could be mistaken.
You, Pete ?.
I tell you, from its size
and appearance, this thing
came from outer space.

I even have reason
to believe that... there's
some form of life in it.

Must have been traveling
pretty fast to hit the earth
that hard and stay in one piece.

That's right !
And even if it was

in one piece...

would anyone still walk around
after a concussion like that ?.

I'm just askin',

Wanna make sure
I quote you right
for the paper.

I'll take you home, Ellen.
Oh, never mind, Matt.
I'll be all right.

Don't tell me you're
goin' back to Sand Rock.

When Loring gets through
printin' that statement
ofyours in his paper,

they won't let you
walk around out in the open.

Oh, you too, Pete ?.
We need help, not lectures.
Come on, Ellen.

Isn't there anyone
who would want to help ?.

What about Dr. Snell at
the Wayne Observatory ?. You've
done a lot ofwork with him.

Yeah. I'll call him
as soon as we get back.