It Came from Outer Space

Hey, slow down.
Johnny ?.
Those fools !
Oh, you can't
really blame them.

But I did see it.
I even saw some kind
of tracks.

I can't be just
imagining it !
I'm thinking ofyou,Johnny.

And people talking
behind your back and laughing.

They've talked about me
before. Even your
old friend, the sheriff.

Oh, Matt didn't mean
anything by it.

He's known me all my life.
You know how he looks after me.

I don't blame any of'em.
Can I prove it ?.

Even to myself ?.
Well, maybe ifwe really
do find something--

You really have to,
Johnny ?.
I have to, Ellen.

You better keep out of it
for a while though.

Wouldn't want them
laughing at you.
Look !

What's that ?.
What was that ?.
I don't know.

Did you hit it ?.
I'll see.
Keep the motor running,
Johnny, please !

You stay here.