It Came from Outer Space

Did you get
any good shots ?.
Pretty good.

The crater's about
1,000 yards around.

One of the biggest things
that ever happened !
Look how far down it goes !

Sure covers
a wide area.

[ CarHorn Honking]
Hey ! Here comes
our stargazer now ! Come on !

Snell's here.
So are the reporters.

Uh-oh, and here
they come.

I'll try
and steer 'em off.

Morning,John, Ellen.
Missed ya at the house.

Dugan, American Press.
Lober, Press Dispatch.

this is Miss Fields.
How do you do ?.

Quite a show you started.
Any statement ?.

Why repeat it ?.
It's all right here.

"Star Gazer Sees Martians."
Stick around.
I may really have something
forya in a few minutes.

Look, uh, this is private.
Do ya mind ?.

Not at all.
How about it, Miss Fields ?.
You add anything to this ?.
No !

[Indistinct Chatter]
[ Geiger Counter Clicking ]
Hiya, Bob.
Hi !

Well, well,John.
Hello, Dr. Snell.

Glad you could get away.
I wouldn't have
missed it for anything.

How long you been here ?.
Oh, about an hour.

Oh, you've just
gotten started then.
Hardly, I've seen enough.

You do believe me ?.
Look,John, last night you
saw a meteor fall to Earth.

That much has been
substantiated by witnesses.

The presence of the crater
itself, its formation
and characteristics,

all support the theory
that it was a meteor.
But I tell you I was ship !

You saw something
that looked like a ship.
You can't prove it,John.