It Came from Outer Space

I can prove it
if I can get you to help me
dig it out of there.

I can't in good faith ask
the university to do it.

We'd dig for months
and spend thousands,

and maybe all we'd find
would be these.

Look, note the black
coloring, characteristic
of the meteor,

the fusion from heat,
the nickel and iron.

Facts,John, facts.
Even the angle of contact
with the earth.

Everything points toward
it being a meteor.
All right, all right.

I'll admit I don't have
all the answers.
One more point,John.

Come on.
Find anything, Bob ?.
No, Doctor,
not a thing.

There you are. There's
no sign of any excessive
radioactivity anywhere.

Odd, wouldn't you say,
for something coming in
from outer space ?.

I don't know what's odd
and what isn't anymore.

But I do know I expected you
to be more open to the idea
than the others.

You're a man of science !
Therefore, less inclined
to witchcraft,John.

Not witchcraft, Dr. Snell.
Imagination !

Willingness to believe
there are lots of things that
we don't know anything about.

Look, there was a time when
people thought the earth
was a level plane...

between two mountains
that were set there
to hold up the sky...

and that the stars
were lamps hung from that sky.

Then a better idea
came along and people
were willing to listen.

Be realistic,John. We've
worked together before.

In the meantime, you can
do an article for us.

Yeah. Here.
I already have.
An intense young man.
Yeah, and an odd one too.

More than odd, Bob.
Individual and lonely, a
man who thinks for himself.

"Report on the
Arrival of Strangers
from Outer Space."

Been hopin' I'd run
into you, Putnam.

What's the matter, Matt ?.
Did I break a law ?.
You might call it that.

Ellen's supposed to be
teachin' school today.
I told her to stay out of this.