It Came from Outer Space

For a time
it will be necessary.

We cannot, we would not,
take your souls...

or minds or bodies.
Don't be afraid.
Your friend is all right.
Mind closin' the door ?.
You're comin' right out
with us, Matt.

You wanted some proof, Matt.
Maybe we've got something
foryou now.

The school principal
was in here.
You've got to listen.

You're supposed to be
teachin' school.
Don't you hear us, Matt ?.

We've got some proof
foryou now !
I'm a busy man, Ellen !

Even if I wasn't, he's not
gonna make a fool out of me
the way he has out ofyou !

Ifyou don't listen to him,
you'll be the fool.

He's got you so
you'll believe anything.

All right,
just what did you see ?.
Come on, I'll show it to you.

Oh, you better bring
your gun.

Truck's gone ?.
It was right there, Matt.
This time, I saw it too.

The tracks,Johnny,
show him.

[ Wind Blowing]