It Came from Outer Space

It's like beating
against thin air.

No marks, no signs,
no nothing.

And, Ellen, the pallor
of that face.

Maybe it was the sun
just playing tricks on us.
Was it ?.

But the way he kept looking
into the sun without blinking.

How could George
do it ?.
George couldn't.

What do you mean ?.
It's like some nightmare
where you're waiting and
hoping for it to be over...

and then all of a sudden
you realize that it's just--

George ! Frank !
[John ]
Frank ! George !

Wait ! I wanna
talk to you !

[ Creaking ]
George ?. Frank !
Keep away.
Where have you been ?.
We've been looking
all over for you.

I want to help you.
What happened out there
in the desert ? Tell me
and we'll go to the sheriff.

Stand back !
Whoever you are,
whatever you are,

I want to understandyou,
I want to help you !

Then keep away.
Keep away, John Putnam.

We don't want to hurt you.
You least of all.