It Came from Outer Space

No, Mrs. Daylon.
Not a thing.

Well, maybe they
had an emergency
call to make.

Telephone people say no.
And that truck we couldn't
find this afternoon.

The phone company called up
and reported it missing.

Were they drunk or anything,
I mean, did you get it
on their breath ?.

Frank never drinks.
He's sick, I tell you.

Ifyou ask me, they
ain't ever coming back.

Otherwise, what would
they want to take
their clothes for ?.

Their clothes ?.

Well, it seems natural to take
a change of clothes. They said
they'd be gone overnight.

I know George.
Always on the move !
Always wantin' to go somewhere !

You best go home and get some
sleep, the both ofyou. I'll
check around and call you later.

Ellen,Johnny and I have some
things to talk over. Would you
mind taking the ladies home ?.

Oh, of course, and I'll stay
with Mrs. Daylon for awhile too.
We're taking your car,Johnny.

I'll see you later, Ellen.

Now are you ready
to believe me ?.

I'm trying to or I wouldn't
have sent foryou.

You've got to believe
that there's a ship buried
out there in the desert,

and that at least some of our
visitors from outer space...

got out of that ship
before it was covered over !

Go on.
Two of those visitors
I saw today.

So did you.
It's true, Matt !

Oh, it's no use, Johnny.
I try to stay with you,
but I can't.

You've got to ! I know
what you're thinking, Matt.

But you've got to believe that
what you saw today was only what
looked like Frank and George !

They didn't by any chance
tell you what they wanted ?.

They want us to trust them, to
believe that Frank and George...

are in no danger as long as
we don't interfere with them,
to give them time, time !

Did it ever occur to you
that you might be gambling
with their lives ?.

Yeah, what do you think
you were doing when you
refused to believe me ?.

Frank and George !
That's crazy !

I tell you, I came
face to face with them !

But how could they take over
anyone else's form, and where
is the real Frank and George ?.

- I don't know.
- And why would they want
to do that ?. Why ?.

Maybe to move about freely,
to come into town
without being stopped.

So they steal a telephone
truck, something that'll
stick out like a torch !