It Came from Outer Space

Hadyou fallen
on our world,

it might have
been different.

We understand more.
Al I I understand is that you've
taken my friends captive.
And now the girl !

We hold her hostage
as well as the others.

Keep yourpeople away
or we will destroy them.

How do I know that
your whole mission here
isn't to destroy all of us ?.

Our mission was
to another world.

You must believe me.
Only an error
dragged us toward Earth.
Stand out in the sun !

In time, perhaps.
Then I can't believe you !

Let us stay apart, the people
ofyour world and ours.

For if we come together,
there will only be destruction.

I've got to see you
as you really are !

Come out, or I can't
take the responsibility
of protecting you.

Very well, then.
You asked to see this.

So you shall.
[ Humming]
[ Horn Honking ]
[Honking Continues ]