Mrs. Loomis, do you identify this body
as that of your husband George Loomis?

Hold her.
- I'm sorry.
- That's all right.

I put in everything I thought she'd need.
Get away.
I wanna get away.
What's all this? I want to talk to her.
Come around in the evening.
She'll be out till then.

- Business pretty good?
- Booked up for a month ahead.

- How many you accommodate here?
- About 50.

- How's the food?
- It's good.

- Here she is anyway. Hi, Mrs. Cutler.
- Hi.

Well, well, well, hello there.
Hey! Cinch to see you belong to the
Shredded Wheat family. I'm Jess Kettering.

- I want you to meet the big boss.
- How do you do?

Sorry we weren't here when you arrived.
We'd have had red carpet over the bridge!

Oh, here's a little spinach for you,
by way of apology.

Hey... Hey, where's that
prize-winning husband of yours?

What a boy!
Turkey stuffed with Shredded Wheat.

Had it right the next day and I loved it!
You better move out of range, dear.
Jess likes to make his point.