Well, kids, sleep well tonight. We've gotta
be out on my boat at the crack of dawn.

Oh, Jess, do we have to get up
before the fish do? Why not 8 or 9 o'clock?

Nonsense. Ray wants all the time
on that river he can get.

- He's a real fisherman. Eh, boy?
- Well, I sure like it a lot.

I hope we're not putting you out.
You've been so nice to us.

Putting us out? Listen, I've been wanting
to meet Ray boy here for quite a while.

OK, 5 o'clock in the morning, right here.
"Olive oil", as the French say!
Thanks a lot.
Bye. Bye, Mrs. Kettering.
Sure did have a good time.
Here, honey.
You take this and I'll check on the mail.

- Hello.
- Hello.

I've been using your view.
- Is anything wrong?
- You just stole my question.

My sergeant took a message. You wanted
to see me about the Loomis case.

It was urgent.
The sergeant's exaggerating. It wasn't
that important. Just a silly question.

I hoped maybe that
you had heard from Mrs. Loomis.

How could I? She'll be unconscious
for the rest of the day.

Mrs. Cutler, the doctor says only panic or
fear could have broken through that drug.

What scared her so much
that she came to and skipped?

- Skipped?
- Yeah, disappeared from the hospital.

No mail, but old...
What is this? If it's another funeral, have
the corpse leave his name at the desk!

Loomis is trying to kill his wife. He's alive.
Polly, you ought to have
your head examined.

She had a nightmare. She thinks
this Loomis is alive, that he was here.

I thought we had this out.