Peter Pan

Don't judge your father
too harshly.

After all, he really
loves you very much.

Oh, don't lock it, Mother.
He might come back.

- "He"?
- Yes, uh, Peter Pan.

You see, I found something
that belongs to him.

- Oh? And what's that?
- His shadow.

- "Shadow"?
- Mmm, Nana had it.

But l...
I took it away.

Oh? Yes, of course.
Good night, dear.
But, George, do you think the children
will be safe without Nana?

Safe? Of course
they'll be safe. Why not?

Well, Wendy said something
about a shadow, and l...

- Shadow? Whose shadow?
- Peter Pan's.

Oh, Peter Pan...
Peter Pan!

You don't say. Goodness gracious,
whatever shall we do?

- But, George... Really, l...
- Sound the alarm!

- Call Scotland Yard!
- There must have been someone.

Oh, Mary, of all the impossible,
childish fiddle-faddle.

Peter Pan indeed. How can we expect the
children to grow up and be practical...

- George, dear.
- When you're as bad as they are.

- Please.
- No wonder Wendy gets
these idiotic ideas.

Over there, Tink,
in its den.

Is it there?
Must be here somewhere.