Roman Holiday

Two for pappa.
500 more.

Without looking.
500 and eh - Raise you a thousand.

Two pairs.
Ohh, I've got 3 shy little sevens.

Ahh, a nervous straight.
Come home you fools.

Look at that, there's 6.500, not bad - that's 10 bucks !
Ahh, one more round, and I'm gonna through
you gents right out in the snow.

Hey hey hey
Naa, I gotta get up early.

Date with Her Royal Highness will graciously pose for some pictures.
What do you meen early?

My personal invitation says 11.45.
Couldn't be anything to do with the fact that you're ahead?

Works out fine for me. This is my last 5.000,
and you hyenas are not gonna get it.

Thanks a lot, Irving. See you at Annie's little party in the morning.
Goodnight Joe, Ciao, Stay sober.

Allright, little 7 card stud.
Fine with me.

Soo happy.
How are you this evening?
Hey hey hey, wake up.
Thank you very much.

No thank you.

Charmed too ...