Hello, Joe.
My place ain't very much yet,
but my wife sure can cook!

It won't be long till supper.
You can wash up right here.

In case you wanted to know,
that's Ryker's spread all over there.

He thinks the whole world
belongs to him.

The old-timers can't see it yet,
but runnin' cattle
on an open range can't go on.

It takes too much space
for too little results.

Those herds aren't any good,
they're all horns and bone.

Cattle that is bred for meat and fenced in
and fed right, that's the thing.

You gotta pick your spot,
get your land, your own land.

A homesteader can't run but a few beef,
but he can grow grain,

and then with his garden
and hogs and milk, he'll be all right.

We make out, don't we, Marian?
Of course.
It's that calf again.
Joey, chase her out of there.

Joey! Run on, son.
Don't forget to shut that gate.
Come on, shoo!
I wouldn't ask you where you're bound.
One place or another.
Some place I've never been.

- The only way I'll leave is in a pine box.
- What do you mean, Pa?