- Shane, this is Yank Potts.
- Howdy.

- Fred Lewis here.
- I seen you in town.

Ernie Wright here, and Ed Howells.
- And Johnson.
- Howdy, Shane.

- See anybody else coming?
- No.

- We're waiting for Torrey.
- How far is Ryker gonna push us?

Let's not talk scared,
that's what Ryker wants.

He thinks he can shoo us off
like a flock of chickens.

Here's Torrey.
- Hello, Reb.
- Hello, Yank.

About time you showed up.
That's enough out of you, Yank.
- And you, too.
- All right. Cool off, Stonewall.

Shake hands with Shane, there.
Shane's working for me.

Shane. Oh, yeah...
I heard about you, at Grafton's.
Go on, Joe.
Well, Stonewall, it's like this...
Leaving Ernie out, maybe,

we've all agreed we're gonna stick.
Now you're whistling.
Ain't nobody pushing me off my claim.

- I think you all know that I'm staying.
- I, too, will stay.

I'll string along,
leastways till the shooting starts.

There ain't but seven of us,
if it comes to a fight.

- Him.
- That's eight.

- Can't count on him.
- He's proved that much.

Watch what you're saying.
Shane can tell you what happened
with Ryker's man, Chris.

They're talking about Shane!
What is this, Shane?
Let him say.
- Lewis seen and heard it.
- He let Chris buffalo him at Grafton's.

Fred, I told Shane
to stay away from trouble.

- Let's finish the story.
- He didn't. Shane didn't let him do that!