Stalag 17

Remember, bury your army outfits
before leaving the forest.

Your compass
is the top button of this jacket.

Anybody asks for your papers,
you're French labourers.

Here's your map,
Kraut money, Swiss Francs.

- Let's hear it once more.
- We've been over it a hundred times.

Let's hear it again.
We stick to the forest going west
till we hit the Danube.

We follow the Danube up to Linz.
In Linz we hop a barge
and go to Ulm.

Stop it, Joey!
Joey, go back to sleep!

Go on. You're in Ulm.
We lie low until night,
then take a train to Friedrichshafen.

We steal a rowboat,
get some fishing tackle

and drift south across the lake,
till we hit the other side - Switzerland.

Once there, give out a big yodel,
so we know you're there. It's a breeze.

- Stay out of this.
- Just one question.

Did you calculate the risk?
You've got ten minutes
to get through the tunnel.

You'll come out as the Jerries
are changing shifts.

- OK
- Peel off.

- Show 'em, boys.
- Easy does it.

- We'll miss you, cruds.
- Auf Wiedersehen.