The Robe

Demetrius and l will leave in the morning.
We go to Syria, Lebanon, then Greece,
Sicily, and finally Rome itself.

Everywhere we'll find friends.
Everywhere our movement grows.
And you, Marcellus?
l suppose l'll go back to Rome.
Demetrius and l
wondered if you'd come with us.

- You want me?
- We can always use courage and devotion.

No. No.
- lt's impossible. l can never be one of you.
- Why not?

Marcellus, is there
something you want to tell me?

- l'll try.
- lf it will make it easier,

let me tell you about the burden l carry.
You heard Justus say
l was steadfast and loyal.

He didn't know.
The night Jesus needed
me most, l denied him.

Not once, but three times.
l swore l never knew him.

l crucified him.
l know. Demetrius told me.
And you can forgive me?
He forgave you from the cross.
Can l do less?
Now, does anything stand in your way?
Can you be one of us?
From this day on,
l'm enlisted in his service.
l offer him my sword, my fortune and my life.