Vitelloni, I

Good-bye, Francesco.
Thanks, Mr. Rubini.
You'll see.
Fausto's not really a bad kid.

I know.
This must be your little girl.
Your youngest?

Yes, she's an angel.
Of course,
Fausto will live with us
until he can support himself
and his wife.

Good day.
Why does she treat him like that?
Take us home.
Can we buy you a drink,
Mr. Francesco?

No, thank you, Riccardo.
I'm going home.

- Nine and two... that's 11.
- 11 to 20.

You think you won?
Leopoldo, mark two points
for me, please.

Leopoldo, why the long face?
I'm depressed.
What's the big deal?
Just 'cause those two left...

- I wonder if they're in Rome yet.
- What a drag!

You gotta know your way
around Rome to have any real fun.

If he'd gone with me,
it'd be a different story.

A couple of phone calls
and we could have had a ball.

And what about Sandra?
I meant if we were single.
If I went on a honeymoon,
I'd go to Africa, like Hemingway.

Free, in the wild, in a Jeep.
Sounds fabulous.
Africa would be a real escape.
I'd go there with Esther Williams.
- What about Franca Marzi?

Franca Marzi, Ginger Rogers.
Oh, I know!
Remember the surveyor's girlfriend?
The one who burned her shoulder.

- The Ciuffini girl.
- Yeah, Africa with her!

I'd prefer India.
Come on, I called you.
You're always in the way.
What do you want?