Vitelloni, I

Tell me, are you happy?
It's okay.
- Want a smoke?
- Sure.

I had one here...
Sorry, I'm out.
- Never mind. I gotta go.

- How's the helmet?
- Okay, it fits fine.

- Will it fly?
- Sooner than my enemies think.

So it does fly! Invite me,
and I'll bring a spoon to celebrate.

Come out here for a moment.
Do me a favor. I'll pay you back
on Sunday. I'm closing a deal.

Lend me 1,000 lire.
- So you'll pay me back?
- Yeah.

You worked all night?
They should give you a raise.
I'll have a word with the boss.

- I only have 500.
- That's okay.

Thanks, Olga. See you.
Massimo and Leopoldo are off
to Bologna for the trotters.

I've got an inside tip.
Let's get a bet down.

A thousand would cover it.
I've got 300 - how about you?

Now, even on Sundays,
the beach is deserted,

Still, we'd stare out to sea.
If you were offered 10,000 lire,
would you go in?

I would.