Vitelloni, I

In the months that followed,
the most important events were
Riccardo's mustache - just like Fausto's -

and Alberto's sideburns.
Fausto had, by now,
shaved his mustache.

Occasionally his father and sister
would pass by the shop

to see him at work.
Leopoldo worked as usual.
He, in turn, cultivated a goatee.

It's scary.
I thought you'd like it.
And, at last, the eagerly awaited
carnival season.

It'll be better this year.
People seem anxious to celebrate.

Add a beauty mark on the other side.
- Nah, one's enough.

Is my dress ready?
- Yes.

Now leave me alone or your mother
will kill me. I have to do the sheets.

- I need bigger breasts.
- I padded it in front.

Look what he's done to himself,
such a good-looking boy.

- So, you're sweet on Alberto?
- What a mouth.

- Alberto, she's in love with you.
- Yeah, even Mama's noticed.

- Is she really loaded?
- Why, do you want to marry her?

Elvira, my hat.
I don't have your hat.
So who's got it?
Hold this. Mama.

You're still here?
I'm ready to go now.

I'm not going.
Then let me have your hat.
Come on.
- You know I don't wear hats.

What am I gonna do?
It's just not fair. When you wanna
have a good time, no one helps.