Carmen Jones

How can a lady
drink alone?

How can a lady
dance alone?

No lady can
romance alone

I oughta have
a sweetie-pie

De one I had
I give the air to
I threw his toothbrush
out the door

Now that I'm free,
my heart is sighin'

I'm off the hook
and lookin' for more

Dozens of fellas
telephone me

All askin' me
to make a date

I'm holdin' out
for somethin' special

But I don't know
How long I'll wait
Where will I wind up?
Who'll I be true to?
Ain't made my mind up
Waitin' for you to
What you say,

What you say, boy?
Ain't it time
that we got away?

1 O:OO sharp
on the corner

See that you're
right in there pitchin'

'Cause I ain't
de kind of a mare

Dat'll stand
without hitchin'

Now you got your little filly
at the startin' gate

Got a little filly
who is rarin' to go

[Train Whistle Blowing]
No, you don't.
I just want
to stretch my legs.

Well, stretch 'em
in here.

Boy, you's the roughest
of rough.

Won't even give me
a little break.

You're a prisoner.