Demetrius and the Gladiators

- Prefect. Where's the prefect of the guard?
- Here, sire.

- How long till sunrise?
- Two hours, sire.

My lady.
(Caligula) Wait here.
- Where's Claudius?
- ln his own room.

Doesn'tyour husband sleep here?
- What have you to report?
- This is very interesting, sire.

This is the report of Pontius Pilate,
our governor in Jerusalem.

- The legends of a Messiah have...
- Don't waste my time with legends.

l want to know one thing.
Gallio and the lady Diana...

Why weren't they afraid to die?
Perhaps they're not dead, sire.
- Not dead?
- According to their superstition.

Their king, this Jesus,
claims to have ''overcome death,...

..not only for himself,
but for all who had faith in him''.

These are his words as a spy reported them.
You mean those Christians
thought they were going to live for ever?

- Ridiculous.
- Of course, but the point is they believed it.

Therefore they were not afraid.
Everyone's afraid of death.
Take you, my dear uncle.
Are you prepared to die now?
Of course you're not.
You're sweating. Your knees are shaking.
Very amusing.