Demetrius and the Gladiators

My lord Claudius.
My lady.
So these are the men, eh?
l hope you drew up a better list than last time.
They know it's for
a special occasion, my lord.

Oh. Probus.
Barak. Good.
Tomorrow is the emperor's birthday.
You men will have the honour
of competing in the palace itself,...

:19:48 the emperor's private arena.
l expectyou to make a good impression.
You are my birthday present to Caligula.
They'll do you proud, my lord.
Every man has sworn to die well
if he has to, to die with style.

l've also told them there's some special
entertainment tonight, thanks to our lady.

Say a word to them, my lady.
l'm sending you a feast
prepared in my own kitchens.

Rare delicacies from
every province of the empire...

..and wine from the imperial cellars,...
..packed in snow and
brought by runners from the Alps.

l can assure you the rest of the entertainment
will be... of the very highest quality.

Guard! Guard!
Lockthe gate! Stay where you are!
Mark him!
- Stay where you are.
- Stop him!

Stop him! Mark him!
Lockthe gate!
- The best prospect had to be a coward.
- l'm no coward.